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Books and Contributions

Sustainable solutions for leaders

A fresh, fast approach.

In this e-book I was a part of the editorial as well as I wrote a chapter in it called “Solution Focused questions for daily interactions”. 

Lösungsfokus in Organisationen

Zukunftorientiert beraten und führen.

In diesem Buch beitrage ich mit dem Kapitel “Lösungsfokussierte Großgruppenarbeit”. 

Samtaler i udvikling

En praktisk tilgang til udvikling af medarbejdere og ledere.

Denne bog er skrevet sammen med Mikael Elkan og er et forsøg på en ny og anderledes vinkling på MU-Samtaler. 

Du kan hente bogen gratis som PDF her:

Brief and Simple

Solution Focus in Organizations

For this case-study book I contributed with the case “From Frustration to Cooperation” 

Entrepreneur, Coach, facilitator, instructor

Jesper H Christiansen

I have been a sole trader since 1997, working for private and public organisations, both small and big businesses. As a trained Kaospilot (Project Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship education) and Systemic-Narrative Consultant, I jumped from systemic theory to the solution-focused approach in 2005 and became certified as a Solutionsurfers Brief Coach and Trainer.

Since 2014, I have been an ICF Professional Certified Coach.

I do not see myself as an author, although I have written a lot through the years. My contributions are chapters to non-fiction books, articles, blog posts, and simply trying to write authentic newsletters. My writing is a way to promote myself in a way where I can be passionate about what I do and let that sell my skills and competencies.

By Jesper H Christiansen

Snap In, Snap Out–and snap in again

Start writing and build up a writing routine fast whenever needed.

About the book

Don’t see yourself as a writer? And yet, you want to be able to produce a text of something you work with or am passionate about?
This book helps you build up a writing routine that you can use when needed. – Snap In.

And you can leave it behind without having to train or keep the habit daily. – Snap Out.

This book is for you who don’t want to be a full-time writer (or even half-time, for that matter). This is for you who want to make an occasional output that others can read, enjoy and learn from. – And snap in again.

Through the exercises in the book, you find out precisely what setting is the most helpful for you to write in. You will also learn some simple but powerful tools to get from stuck to unstuck in your writing and make sure the routine works as long as you need it for your writing.

As a sole trader for two decades now, I have seen the importance of writing as a marketing tool. I hate selling, so writing has become my way out. Writing what I love doing in my work enables me to show potential customers what I offer.

And I don’t write every day, only in times when I have a specific project or an event coming up, which makes this snap-in, snap-out method very convenient.


Just finished reading your book this morning, and it was an absolute treat to read! The text flows beautifully and I very much appreciate the reflections you invite throughout the book. After reading this, I can see exactly what I need to do to write more and better. Really worth the investment!

– Annie Bordeleau


A concise, precise, practical book on good writing methods, asking the right questions before and during the writing process, with good clear examples!

Natacha Aviat

What else is Jesper doing?

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Here, I have a good overview of what I do for you.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions. No guarantee that I can answer, but who knows?

Listen to Jesper

I was so fortunate to be interviewed by Elfie and Dominik for their podcast Simply Focus Podcast.

You can listen to the interview here.